About Unique Concept

Unique Concept is a full service Event Management Company that prides itself on offering its clients the highest possible service. Our tailor made service includes us negotiating best rates for your conference, meeting or any other type of special event. Unique Concept specializes in top level event management services for any type of incentive, conference group or unique event.

Together, our company directors share a wealth of experience in terms of venue knowledge, working within a client’s budget and offering access to unique places & venues through their worldwide network of contacts.

Between us we speak 5 languages and have worked and/or lived on every continent of the world.

With our excellent network of industry contacts in Europe and further afield, Unique Concept has hosted groups in as far flung locations as Marrakech, Singapore, Miami & New York but also more closer to home in London, Barcelona, Amsterdam & Frankfurt to name a few.

We consider ourselves as your private travel consultant and thrive on getting things done, always delivering on promises made. Furthermore, giving excellent value whilst working within the budget given and getting you our client noticed, will always remain our main focus.

Ultimately we just love working alongside you to make your event, no matter how small or large, a success and UNIQUE experience for you and your guests!

Unique Concept