Sylvia Kudlek – Founder & Director

After finishing her studies in Heidelberg, Germany, Sylvia grabbed the chance to sample life overseas. Hitting the ground running in London, she arranged global meeting appearances and sponsorship deals for world-class athletes.  As the European Championships approached in 1996, Schmidt und Kaiser enticed Sylvia back to Germany, as representative for Mercedes Benz, main sponsor of the national football team. Her involvement with sports sponsorship moved on to tennis with the ATP tour, and then back to football for France 98.

As one major sporting event concludes, work is of course already underway planning the next one.

Sylvia’s association with football really took off as BTI and the German football federation (DFB) turned to her for the successful German bid to host the 2006 World Cup. Developing her network within the sports world and in the hotel industry, she scouted hotels across the land, recommending suitable accommodation and arranging hotel contracts for FIFA delegations, media, sponsors, teams and fans.

In 2000, Hannover welcomed the world to the Expo, and Sylvia called the shots in the Bosch pavilion.

8000 Bosch guests and clients from all over the world came to Hannover and Sylvia’s event management skills ensured memorable experiences for all - accommodation, entertainment, guided tours, and even translators to avoid those little misunderstandings!

Following the success of Expo 2000, Sylvia looked overseas again, this time to Singapore and Hong Kong, where she arranged incentive trips all over Asia, before returning to Germany in time for the 2006 World Cup. As FIFA Hospitality Manager for Avaya, one of the top 5 sponsors of the World Cup, Sylvia coordinated programs for 64 matches with 20,000 tickets, leading Avaya’s event team and agency delegates in all aspects for this truly global and successful event.

Make the most of Sylvia’s expertise, local and global contacts - ask Unique Concept to tailor your high-end exclusive event in destinations as diverse as Dubai, New York, Marrakesh & Phuket, or even in Sylvia’s backyard of Heidelberg: sk@uniqueconcept.de

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