Group Incentive Travel

When rewarding your loyal staff and top producers Unique Concept offers the insider access to the world’s best hotels. More than that, our network in and personal knowledge of destinations as well access to private UNIQUE venues will all add to the guests’ experience.

Throughout the years we managed and hosted events in all corners of the world. During these years we have worked with some brilliant and more importantly very reliable partners. Our excellent knowledge of International hotels combined with our great contacts all over the world will guarantee that your group incentive is a success.

Whilst you focus on your important business, Unique Concept dedicates the time needed to plan, organize and execute your special event. Unique Concept will research destinations, hotels, external vendors and provide options for you to choose from. Always working within the given budget, we will then negotiate best terms & conditions and ensure all contracted items of your program are delivered as requested and agreed. You will have full input on the program & events, without the often time consuming work that comes with planning and putting it all together!

Unique Concept